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Monday, July 25, 2005

Whoa! Just opened my account again and I realized how incredibly hollow this place feels like. I better get crackin' on the posts so I can fill 'er up some.


Well, we went to my Aunt's place at Kamias earlier to see her off. She's due back in the US after two weeks of vacation here in the Philippines, as well as having sponsored a medical mission.

As most people very well know, it is Filipino tradition to send pasalubong to a Balikbayan to take back home. It is also part of our custom to bring 'a little something' whenever we visit with a friend or a relative, so it came as no big surprise when we found my Aunt's house littered with all sorts of food and goodies when we arrived.

When it was time to have merienda, my aunt fed us this incredible tasting puto that was given to her by a friend. It was so moist and soft, and the taste was rather exquisite. The texture is loose and comparable to that of fluffy rice as opposed to the packed and somewhat dry variety that can often be bought in stores. The top was liberally sprinkled with chopped itlog na pula and the body was stuffed with a bit of ground meat. Needless to say, it was the best tasting puto I have eaten in my entire life. I just wish I'd have asked where they got it from so I could buy some myself.

We also had some chocolate covered brownies with marshmallows that were bought from Goldilocks. They tasted pretty good as well, but the puto still tops my bill.

By the way, I took pictures of the puto using my Aunt's cellphone, but we had a problem sending the pics to my phone, so I'm afraid I won't be able to upload it. I did save the photos though, and hopefully, they wouldn't have still erased it by the time we figure out how to work the sending function so I can upload the pics.

Also, while at my Aunt's I noticed some other goodies that caught my fancy. There was a box of durian chips nestled on top of their kitchen counter that apparently was from a place called "Thai Cuisine". Too bad I wasn't able to taste it because I happen to like the durian candies they sell at Bulacan Sweets.


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